The Everyday Smoker’s Guide: 10 Tips to Cutting Down

The purpose of this article isn’t to convince anybody to quit smoking or even stop their daily use. Using cannabis is something that many people enjoy the benefits of, but finding an ideal balance can help you appreciate smoking even more, instead of expecting it all the time.

There are many benefits and drawbacks of being a smoker. Getting stoned can be a lot of fun, however, if you’re finding your habit is becoming more of a burden than something you’re enjoying, you might want to ease up on your use a little bit.

This isn’t a guide to quit, however. Even if you still want to smoke daily, you can make that daily use more manageable and reasonable. By following these tips you can still smoke weed without letting weed smoke you (and your wallet).

The 4:20 p.m. Rule

This is one with a little flexibility. I know there are some serious stoners out there who need that morning toke like most need their morning coffee. And there’s nothing wrong with that IF you can limit it one bowl, and wait until 4:20 pm AT LEAST for your next serving. Most of us have to wait until 5 pm anyways. Think about that. You’ve been awake and sober for 9-10 hours. That’s a mini-tolerance break for the heavy smoker, and you’ll certainly feel it when you spark up after work.

Generational/Roach Blunts

If you’re smoking a blunt or joint, consider saving the last centimeter of it. Will that last bit really get you higher? What’s more, is that after 5-6 roaches have been saved, you can make a joint or blunt out of them. The weed in these will be saturated with resin, and you’ll notice it much more than a regular blunt or joint.

Wait Until You Come Down Before Sparking Back Up

Ever have one of those nights where you just smoke and smoke and smoke but don’t seem to ever itch the scratch? You’re chasing a high that doesn’t exist. You get the highest when you go from being sober to high, not high to higher. When I used to eat too much as a chubby little young’n, my mother used to tell me to let the food settle before I dig back in. Do the same with the weed, let it settle before you roll up again!

Don’t Let Rolling and Smoking Become a Hobby

Smoking and being high are very enjoyable activities, we all know this. But that awesomeness can cause you to become obsessed with always smoking, having something to roll, and constantly fidgeting/playing with your weed supplies. Plan out your day with meaningful activities. If you smoke and get high, that’s fine, but don’t have the smoking be the only activity you participate in. Fill your life with meaningful things that your high or sober self will appreciate and be thankful for.

Take a Nap

Smoking can definitely help you relax and feel sleepy, especially if you’re smoking an Indica strain. If you’ve got nothing else going on and would otherwise just smoke all of your weed, sleep it off and see how you feel when you wake up! Let the sedating effect of the weed help you drift off into a peaceful slumber, just don’t forget to set an alarm.

Go Workout!

I can’t stress this tip enough. First of all, if you get only slightly high before going, you can truly get lost in a motivating, flowing music playlist. You’re also going to end the workout sober, allowing you to get high again afterwards. But the reason working out is so perfect for stoners is that, at the end of the day, we all crave that release, that rush of chemicals in our brain that contribute to feelings of well-being. The endorphins our body provides us while working out are comparable to those that are released upon ingesting morphine, without the detrimental effect on your body. Working out regularly has proven to be one of the most effective antidepressants out there!

Small Bowl < Large Blunt

As much as we all love a nice slow-burning blunt, it isn’t realistic to be able to afford smoking them daily, especially if you smoke more than once per day. One blunt’s worth of bud can last you a couple of days if you only smoke a few bowls a day. Consider the economics of your smoking as well as the pleasure factor to find an effective balance. Maybe you only smoke bowls today and tomorrow, and reward yourself with a blunt the next day.


Meditation has many excellent effects on your mental and physical health. Don’t be discouraged by the super-strict yogi’s who try to say you need to be completely smoke-free and sober to enjoy its benefits. Breathing exercises give you that same feeling of pulling on a blunt but without the smoke. They can really help you relax and reach a highly-desirable mental/physical equilibrium.


Mindfulness and Meditation are two solutions being thrown around by every mental health expert (and ameteur) out there. But the hype might be worth believing. When you’re going through life moment-to-moment, try to immerse yourself in every single aspect of that moment. Feel how the chair feels on your back, how the cold water refreshes and sustains you, how the sunshine warms your face. Immerse yourself in these moments and you might find yourself smoking less.

Set a Designated Daily Amount

Wrap up a reasonable daily serving of bud in saran wrap, or put the serving in one of those daily pill boxes. Once you’re out of bud for the day, you’re done. This can help you have some accountability to yourself about how much you’re smoking.

It is also important to remember that life has got many methods of enhancing our experiences in the moment, whether through cannabis use, exercise, or meditation. Diversify your personal toolbox of experience enhancement so that weed isn’t the only thing you’re looking forward to at the end of the day. Make it a bonus.


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